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    Don't believe in the celebrity sponsored weight loss pills. Don't believe in the celebrity sponsored weight loss programs. And, don't believe that celebrities that are any more able to diet or exercise than you are. The real secret to behind the "celebrity diets" and "celebrity weight loss plans" is Phentermine (also known as Adipex). Phentermine is what allows the vast majority of celebrities to lose weight and keep it off. They are not superhuman, nor do they know any secrets that you do not (besides maybe how great phentermine is). Celebrities uses phentermine because it is safe and effective. It is not "cheating" to use phentermine to use weight. Obesity is a medical condition, just like diabetes, or cancer. It affects some people and not others. Some ...Read More

    The over-the-counter weight loss medication business is huge, selling millions of dollars worth of supplements every year, but do the weight loss supplements they sell actually work? The short and simple answer is: no, they do not work. Hydroxycut, Relacore, Stacker 2, Alli, and the countless other "weight loss medications" you can find at the supermarket do not work. They will not help you lose weight. Alli (known as Xenical when it was available by prescription) has such horrendous side effects that we cannot recommend anyone take it, ever. The only reason people lose weight on it is because they are too afraid to eat anything. Unfortunately, the only medications that help people lose weight are available by prescription.

    This week McDonald's started posting the number of calories of each of their dishes on their drive-thru menus. We applaud their decision, and we wish more restaurants would follow suit. In this spirit we decided to look a little closer at McDonald's food items to see how many calories they all have. Now to be fair all restaurant food is high in calories, so instead of just telling you the number calories (you can look it up here if you are curious) we are going to tell you what items are healthier and what items are less healthy. Eating out is always less healthy, but at least you can make healthier choices when you are there. Not surprisingly, the lowest calorie items ...Read More

    Another new study -- unveiled at the annual meeting of the Endocrine Society -- showed that weight loss from dieting alone will improve insulin sensitivity in people with type II diabetes mellitus by 70%. Add exercise to that and you get a 86% insulin improvement. Unfortunately, weight loss from excising alone (no diet) did not improve insulin sensitivity. The study took place for a year, and the subjects that exercised did so for 4 and 1/2 hours a week. This is just another study that has come out that shows that even with type 2 diabetes things are not hopeless. Type II diabetes is one of the only diseases that can be brought under control by diet and exercise!

    We're sorry, we know a lot of people hate to take medications. It's unnatural, it's cheating, it's inconvenient, it will have side-effects. We have heard it all. However, we at Health Circle  offer Adipex 37.5 mg-- otherwise known as Adipex-P -- (if you do not want to take medications then we do have alternatives we can provide) with our weight loss program. It is suppresses your appetite, medically. We are not a pill-mill, nor do we receive any money from pharmaceutical companies. We just believe in what works, and Adipex works! We have seen countless patients that tried every diet, exercise regiment, and weight loss gimmick under the sun. Nothing worked for them, until they tried Adipex. Adipex finally give those patients the opportunity to take ...Read More

    (Image ©Benjamin Earwicker) When you are trying to lose weight, it is important to have friends that are supportive of your weight loss goals. Ideally, they would encourage you to lose weight, and help you when you are discouraged. Any friend that makes you feel guilty or discourages you in anyway is not a friend you can afford to have when you are on a diet or exercise regiment. Be wary of "friends" that will attempt to sabotage your weight loss goals, often by making you feel guilty for not eating high calorie foods with them or making you feel like you cannot possibly lose weight. These fake friends often wield back handed compliments, that make you feel like giving up. If you have ...Read More

    (Image ©greenchild) People frequently eat when they are bored. If there is any more unnecessary way to add calories to your diet, we can't think of one. It is important to keep yourself occupied so you don't eat when you are bored. This is especially important at night, when boredom is at it's peak, food surrounds us, and cravings are particularly strong. Pay attention to your daily routine, and determine when it is, during the day, that you eat because you are bored. Then find an appropriate activity -- that YOU enjoy -- to help pass the time. It can be anything that keeps you away from food: a sport, hobby, taking a drive, exercise, a subscription to Netflix (if it stops you from eating ...Read More

    (Image ©Stephen Stacey) It is normal for a person's weight to fluctuate throughout the day, by a few pounds. This happens to everyone. In general, a person weighs the least in the morning and the most later in the day. This is because throughout the day we are eating and drinking, and the food and drink we consume add their weight to ours. A person who drinks lots of water will see an increase in their weight, but luckily it is never permanent. Water has zero calories!