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There are so many different exercise shoes [and shoes for exercise] that we can’t keep count. Trends in shoe design come and go as fast as in any other part of the world of fashion. And they all seem to promise so much, but what do they really deliver?

The answer is that no pair of shoes will help you much if you aren’t already out there exercising. You are never going to be able to stand in one place and get a good workout. Not even in Shape Ups from Skechers.

That being said, a good pair of shoes is important if you are going to exercise. However, what works for you will depend upon you. Each person is different and the only way to know what works is to go to a shoe store and try on as many as possible. You can also order shoes from zappos.com which has a 365 day return policy and free shipping both ways — so you can return any shoes that are uncomfortable.

The “best” shoe is the one that feels the most comfortable while exercising. Make sure your feet are secure, but comfortable, with nothing rubbing against you. The rest is subjective. Some people like simple, light shoes. Others prefer shoes with high-tech designs that might weigh more. And others are somewhere in between.