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    Another new study -- unveiled at the annual meeting of the Endocrine Society -- showed that weight loss from dieting alone will improve insulin sensitivity in people with type II diabetes mellitus by 70%. Add exercise to that and you get a 86% insulin improvement. Unfortunately, weight loss from excising alone (no diet) did not improve insulin sensitivity. The study took place for a year, and the subjects that exercised did so for 4 and 1/2 hours a week. This is just another study that has come out that shows that even with type 2 diabetes things are not hopeless. Type II diabetes is one of the only diseases that can be brought under control by diet and exercise!

    (Image ©Pam Roth) A new study -- unveiled at the annual meeting of the Endocrine Society -- showed that half of men, with type 2 diabetes mellitus, showed resistance to aspirin. It turns out the aspirin was not as effective at preventing heart attacks and strokes in half of diabetic men because the diabetes interfered with the anticlotting abilities of aspirin. The solution is simple: increase the levels of aspirin the patient is taking. (The aspirin still works, it just requires more to get the job done). If you or someone you loves has type 2 diabetes it is important to be under the supervision of a medical doctor.

    (Photographer: Anissa Thompson on stock.xchng) Have you ever been diagnosed as having prediabetes? Prediabetes is a condition in which a person has elevated blood sugar levels, but does not yet have type 2 diabetes mellitus. It is a serious condition, and must be taken seriously. Prediabetes is not the same as diabetes; however, if left untreated it will turn into diabetes (if treated it will go away entirely). All diabetics at one point had prediabetes. Unfortunately  once you have diabetes you can never go back to the way things were before. Is that what you really want? Get a blood test as soon as possible. And if you have prediabetes -- or diabetes -- you need to do something about it before it is too ...Read More

    (Image ©everyday-stock235 on deviantART) How do you know if you have Type 2 Diabetes mellitus? Unfortunately, a person can diabetes for years without any symptoms. If you are overweight, or you have a family history of diabetes it is important to go to a family practice doctor or lab at least once a year to get a blood test to test for diabetes. That being said there are signs and symptoms of diabetes that you should be on the watch for. The symptoms of diabetes are: Frequent urination Excessive thirst Increased hunger Abnormal weight loss Blurred vision Dizziness Tiredness   If you or a loved one experiences any or all of these symptoms  then it is important to go see a doctor as soon as possible! Diabetes is completely treatable, but you are going to ...Read More

    (Image ©StockProject1 on deviantART) A new study from the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona (published in the New England Journal of Medicine) has found that one in five patients that successfully treated their type 2 diabetes with gastric bypass surgery experienced a resurgence in their diabetes within five years of the surgery. This number does not include patients that had bariatric surgery which did NOT successfully bring their diabetes under control. It is not immediately clear why so many patients' diabetes returned, but it is currently believed that the longer an individual has diabetes the more likely it is return. This is believed because we know that the longer someone has diabetes the worse it becomes. Many people believe that type 2 diabetes is ...Read More

    (Image courtesy of lookuprey) The key to preventing type 2 diabetes mellitus--or maintaining it, if you already have diabetes, is diet and exercise. In this post we want to talk about the diet aspect. The goal of your diet should be to lose weight. It is through weight loss that you will gain control over your diabetes [or risk of diabetes]. This means you need to be eating filling food that are low in calories. The best foods to eat are those that are high in protein, and low in carbohyrdrates (carbs), like meats, beans, vegetables, and fruits. You need to cut out as much bread, rice, grains, and diary (with the except of skim milk) as possible. Remember, these are just general guidelines not ...Read More

    (Image courtesy of Ranald101) All this information about Type 2 diabetes can be a bit overwhelming and depressing, but don't despair. If you have diabetes or you are at risk of diabetes you still control your fate. That is because diabetes can be prevented (if you don't have it yet) or brought completely under control (if you already have it) by losing weight. Diet and exercise are the only known "cures" for diabetes, and they are very effective if done properly. This might not seem like good news, but it is. It means you can do something and not just resign yourself to disability and maybe even death.

    (Image courtesy of starluck) There is a common misconception that Type 2 Diabetes is caused by sugar, but it's not. There are two causes of diabetes: - Family history - Being overweight or obese Unfortunately, since nothing can be done about the first risk factor it is important to focus on the second. Eating too much sugar will increase your weight, of course, but your weight is what you need to worry about, not how much sugar you consume. A skinny person can eat Pixy Stix (straws filled with sugar) every day and never develop diabetes. Whereas an overweight person can cut the sugar completely out of their diet and still develop diabetes. We cannot emphasis that point more. No amount of "healthy" eating will help you ...Read More