What’s the Best Diet?

2019 is here. It’s time to make your New Year’s resolution come true and lose that weight.

But what diet should you choose? There are so many choices these days: the ketogenic diet, Atkins, the low-carbohydrate diet, the low-fat diet, the paleolithic diet, the alkaline diet, juice fasting, the Mediterranean diet, liquid diets, the HCG diet, the detox diet, the gluten-free diet, and many more.

Which diet is the best diet?

Unfortunately, there is no “best” diet. The “best” diet is one that you can stick with for a long time, and helps you lose 2-3 pounds a month.

That means don’t pick diets you hate. If your diet is making you miserable, tired, and/or very hungry then you probably should try a different one.

Also, if you don’t see any weight loss in one month then you should consider trying a new diet. A good diet should provide you with at least 2-3 pounds of weight loss a month.