We have the influenza vaccine ready for anyone who wants it, regardless of whether they’re a patient of ours, or not. No appointment is required; just walk in. Remember that we have evening and weekend hours available. Check out our hours of operation.

We will be charging $29 for the flu shot, if you do not have insurance. If you have insurance we will bill them.

That is less expensive than the flu vaccine at CVS, Walgreen’s, Publix, and Target, despite the fact that we have the same vaccine they do!

The flu vaccine is recommended for children, people above the age of 65, anyone with any immune deficiencies, anyone taking an immune suppressant, and anyone who comes into regular contact with any of these people.

Parents who want to prevent their children from getting flu should get their children vaccinated, and they should get vaccinated too. This is because the influenza vaccine is not 100% effective, and the more people that get it [in a household] the more effective it is.

So come in today and get your cheap flu shots!

Get directions to our office in west Miramar.