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    The over-the-counter weight loss medication business is huge, selling millions of dollars worth of supplements every year, but do the weight loss supplements they sell actually work? The short and simple answer is: no, they do not work. Hydroxycut, Relacore, Stacker 2, Alli, and the countless other "weight loss medications" you can find at the supermarket do not work. They will not help you lose weight. Alli (known as Xenical when it was available by prescription) has such horrendous side effects that we cannot recommend anyone take it, ever. The only reason people lose weight on it is because they are too afraid to eat anything. Unfortunately, the only medications that help people lose weight are available by prescription.

    We recommend that those of you who are reluctant to take medication, read the controversial new book No Easy Day: The Autobiography of a Navy Seal, by Mark Owen and Kevin Maurer. If you haven't heard about No Easy Day, it is a firsthand account of the assassination of Osama bin Laden (or UBL if you prefer). Now, we don't recommend the book because of the fascinating plot,  or because of the firestorm brewing around the book. The reason we recommend you read it is because the prescription sleep medication, Ambien, is mentioned at least six times in the book. The author talks about how most (if not all) of the Navy SEALS use Ambien to ensure that they get a proper night's sleep. In fact, the ...Read More

    (Photographer: Brian Hoskins) A lot of people ask what appetite suppressant we use in our weight loss program. The answer is phentermine. Phentermine is the same thing, chemically, as Adipex (or Adipex P). Many people have tried Adipex in the past, but have not have success. This is often because the Adipex they have is weak or not well made. We buy only the best Adipex. Learn more about our weight loss program here. That being said, no medication works on everyone, and this is true of Adipex too. We will do everything we can include working without medications, or prescribing different medications and/or vitamins if Adipex does not work for you. Note: We are NOT an online pharmacy and we do NOT sell prescriptions ...Read More