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    Obesity is a serious problem in the United States. In 2014, 27.7% of Americans were obese, and that number is only growing. The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index measured the obesity rates of every state and compared them. Here are the most obese and least obese states as of 2015: The Top 10 Most Obese States West Virginia (37.0%)Mississippi (35.5%)Delaware (33.8%)Arkansas (33.5%)Oklahoma (33.5%)Ohio (31.6%)Maine (31.5%)Michigan (31.5%)Kentucky (31.4%)South Carolina (31.4%) The Top 10 Least Obese States Hawaii (18.5%)Colorado (19.8%)Massachusetts (23.6%)New Mexico (23.7%)Nevada (23.9%)California (23.9%)Montana (24.1%)New Hampshire (24.3%)Utah (24.5%)New Jersey (24.7%) What About Florida? Florida is somewhere in the middle in terms of the percentage of obese people living in a state. As of 2015 26.5% of Florida residents are obese. This represents a 9.5% increase from 2008.

    A new study presented to the European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology analyzed the results of Vitamin D supplementation on overweight and obese children and adolescents in Greece. The study was conducted on 232 obese children and adolescents from the ages of 8 to 13. The study found that taking Vitamin D supplements significantly reduced the weight of the children taking them. In addition to reduced weight, the children taking the Vitamin D supplements also had higher HDL (the "good" cholesterol) concentrations. There still needs to be more research conducted to determine whether or not Vitamin D should be given to overweight children. However, if your child is overweight it is a good idea to have his or her Vitamin D levels ...Read More

    Too many people believe taking an appetite suppressant like phentermine (also known as Adipex-P) is "cheating". They believe that diet and exercise alone is the "right" way to lose weight. Taking phentermine to lose weight is not cheating. Obesity is a medical condition, just like diabetes or cancer. And just like it's not cheating to use insulin to manage diabetes or to use radiation to manage cancer, it is not cheating to take phentermine. This is not a game, this is your health. Overweight and obese individuals are less healthy than people with normal weight. Overweight people are more likely to have health problems like heart disease and diabetes, and tend to die at younger ages. Phentermine can help people who struggle with their ...Read More

    Don't believe in the celebrity sponsored weight loss pills. Don't believe in the celebrity sponsored weight loss programs. And, don't believe that celebrities that are any more able to diet or exercise than you are. The real secret to behind the "celebrity diets" and "celebrity weight loss plans" is Phentermine (also known as Adipex). Phentermine is what allows the vast majority of celebrities to lose weight and keep it off. They are not superhuman, nor do they know any secrets that you do not (besides maybe how great phentermine is). Celebrities uses phentermine because it is safe and effective. It is not "cheating" to use phentermine to use weight. Obesity is a medical condition, just like diabetes, or cancer. It affects some people and not others. Some ...Read More