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    (Photographer: Kurhan on stock.xchng) All doctors' offices -- including ours -- charge more for new patient visits than for existing patient visits. This is standard practice among all doctors and doctors' offices, and it is a practice required by commercial insurance companies, Medicare, and all the Medicaid programs throughout the country. When a doctor bills an insurance company for a visit he or she must code it differently if it's a new patient versus return patient. This is something we are required to do. The reason we charge more is simple: new patient visits are more complicated than existing patient visits. The staff and the doctor spend more time with the new patients while they're at the office, and more time working after ...Read More

    (Photographer: Miguel Ugalde on stock.xchng) For most of human history food has been scarce. Our ancestors survived [while others died] because they ate lots of food--especially high calorie foods like rice and breads--when it was available, and their bodies stored as much of that food as possible, as fat. That way when there wasn't any food available they wouldn't starve to death. That's it: survival of the fattest. These genes have been passed to us, and that is why it is so hard to lose weight. We are always more hungry than we need to be, because our bodies are still acting like the food is going to run out. This means that when we live in a society surrounded by food we tend ...Read More

    (Photographer: Brian Hoskins) A lot of people ask what appetite suppressant we use in our weight loss program. The answer is phentermine. Phentermine is the same thing, chemically, as Adipex (or Adipex P). Many people have tried Adipex in the past, but have not have success. This is often because the Adipex they have is weak or not well made. We buy only the best Adipex. Learn more about our weight loss program here. That being said, no medication works on everyone, and this is true of Adipex too. We will do everything we can include working without medications, or prescribing different medications and/or vitamins if Adipex does not work for you. Note: We are NOT an online pharmacy and we do NOT sell prescriptions ...Read More