I began the weight loss program in July of 2007 and have since been a participant in the program, periodically, for three years. After the reading the book and the reading materials given to me at the onset of the program I realized that these next few years would not be easy. Starting July 2007, I changed my diet, including my feelings and thoughts about my eating habits, and added an exercise routine that works for me. Of course these changes did not happen overnight--or not even over the course of a few months. Through trial and error, study and review of the materials given to me, and determination to change my habits I have become a new person. There's more to the weight loss program than just taking the prescribed medication regularly. Losing weight and being healthy is something the patient has to truly desire. With regular doctor visits and exercise I have been able to lose 41 pounds since my initial visit for the program. Today I do my best to eat healthy foods and not skip meals, yet I still enjoy desserts in moderation. Furthermore, I exercise regularly by walking and participating in a community dance class. As a result, I have notice fewer complications related to blood pressure and I have a renewed self confidence.Kendra