I was first introduced to Health Circle by a family member of mine who had battled with obesity for a number of years. She tried everything under the sun: diets, regular exercise, and she even contemplated going under the knife. Although she would lose a couple of pounds here and there she never truly got the results she desired. I saw her one day at a family gathering, and to say she just "lost weight" would be an understatement. She looked STUNNING! I immediately inquired about her success and she told me about Health Circle. I, myself, have had trouble getting rid of those extra pounds, so I was apprehensive about the program, but when I started the program I began to see results after just one week! I had tons of energy, I was hardly hungry, and I couldn't believe it was actually working. After one month I lost 15 pounds. The good thing about this program is you control everything. You can start when you want and stop when you want, and still maintain a weight that is right for you. For this reason, I utilize the program to this day. Dr. Tomchik, along with his staff are very friendly and warm, and make the process so much easier. So for those who are hesitant or skeptical, DON'T BE! The Weight Loss Program will definitely change your life.Marlene