This week McDonald’s started posting the number of calories of each of their dishes on their drive-thru menus. We applaud their decision, and we wish more restaurants would follow suit.

In this spirit we decided to look a little closer at McDonald’s food items to see how many calories they all have. Now to be fair all restaurant food is high in calories, so instead of just telling you the number calories (you can look it up here if you are curious) we are going to tell you what items are healthier and what items are less healthy. Eating out is always less healthy, but at least you can make healthier choices when you are there.

Not surprisingly, the lowest calorie items are the salads, followed by the yogurt parfaits. The wraps and and chicken sandwiches are the lowest calories sandwiches.

On the other end of the spectrum the sausage biscuits and the french fries are the highest in calories.

Most of the other items are somewhere in between.

So there you go, if you want to limit the damage done by eating at McDonald’s try getting the salads, parfaits, chicken sandwiches, or wrap sandwiches. These are the healthiest items that McDonald’s offers.