Weight Loss Requires Supportive Friends

(Image ©Benjamin Earwicker)

When you are trying to lose weight, it is important to have friends that are supportive of your weight loss goals. Ideally, they would encourage you to lose weight, and help you when you are discouraged.

Any friend that makes you feel guilty or discourages you in anyway is not a friend you can afford to have when you are on a diet or exercise regiment. Be wary of “friends” that will attempt to sabotage your weight loss goals, often by making you feel guilty for not eating high calorie foods with them or making you feel like you cannot possibly lose weight.

These fake friends often wield back handed compliments, that make you feel like giving up.

If you have any these friends it is important to distance yourself from them. Anyone who tries to keep you in a physically unhealthy state — like being overweight — is not your friend, and you are better off without them!

Forget the haters. That’s order from the doctor.