Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

When to See Robert S. Tomchik, M.D.

Robert S. Tomchik, M.D. has over 30 years of medical experience.

He can evaluate each person’s unique medical condition and recommend treatments that are appropriate for that person.

If your case of acne is severe or persistent Robert S. Tomchik, M.D. can prescribe medications that are more effective than the over the counter medications you find at the store.




  • If you have medical insurance then you just pay your co-pay.
  • For new patients without insurance the cost of your visit is $110, and $80 for existing patients.
  • Follow-up visits are FREE of charge.




  • There are many different types of acne and there are many different causes. The most common causes of acne are high levels of hormones, highs levels of testosterone in particular. Acne is the most common cause in children going through puberty, because puberty causes a rise in hormones; however, it is important to note that people of all ages can have problems with acne.
  • In addition to increased levels of hormones, other medical conditions can cause breakouts. An acne breakout occurs when the oil your skin produces mixes with dead skin cells and clogs your pores. Therefore, anyone with oily skin has a high risk of breakouts.
  • Acne is NOT affected by the types of foods you eat. The idea that greasy foods and chocolate cause acne is not true. It is best to avoid greasy foods because they are unhealthy, but do not think that that will help relieve your acne, because it will not.