Health Circle performs physicals for various organizations.

Child Care Wellness Examinations

We perform child care wellness examinations for a charge of $90.

City of Miramar Physicals

We are currently contracted with the City of Miramar to perform the physicals for their employees. The City of Miramar physicals are free of charge for the employees of the city.

However, if you are NOT a police officer for the city Doctor Tomchik must be listed as your Primary Care Physican (PCP) on your insurance card for us to perform the physical. Police officers are not required to change their PCP.

Criminal Justice Physicals

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office, the Miami-Dade Police, and various other law enforcement entities require physicals from all of their recruits.

We offer Criminal Jutice (CJ) physicals for $40.

Please make sure you bring the necessary forms.

INS (Immigration and Naturalization) Physicals

The Department of Immigration and Naturalization requires physicals and a series of vaccinations, if you do not already have the required vaccination records.

The physical and the PPD vaccine, together, are $300.

If you require additional vaccines, the prcies are as follows:

MMR: $90
Td: $55
Varicella: $150

Please make sure you bring the necessary forms and records with you.

School and Sports Physicals

Health Circle provides all necessary school and sports physicals at a charge of $90.

Please bring all the necessary forms when you come to our office.

Miscellaneous Physicals

If you need another type of physical we are more than willing to assist. Just bring in the necessary forms and the charge will be $90.