Open Nights

In order to cater to our patients who work during the day and cannot take time off of work, or are otherwise preoccupied we are open evenings [on Mondays and Thursdays].

Same day & Next day Appointments

One of the great advantages to choosing Doctor Tomchik as your doctor is the ability to see him on the same day or at the LATEST the next day.

Fast but thorough office visits

While it is impossible to predict how long your appointment will last we try to make sure no patient is forced to wait for more than a hour to see the Doctor.

Services above & beyond a traditional family medical practice

In addition to providing check ups and treating your standard illnesses we at Health Circle offer many additional procedures, including a weight loss program, criminal justice physicals, physician administered Vitamin B-12 Injections, removals of moles, wart, and beauty marks and more.

Health Circle Office Hours

  • Monday8am-8pm
  • Tuesday8am-5pm
  • Wednesdayclosed
  • Thursday8am-8pm
  • Friday8am-5pm
  • Saturday8am-1pm
  • Sundayclosed
  • Appointments available
  • Walk-ins welcome
  • Medicare and most insurances accepted

Our Location

Fountains of Miramar 3161 Dykes Road, Miramar, FL 33027 (In the Ross and Marshalls shopping center right next to Home Depot) Phone:(954) 450-3550 Fax:(954) 450-3557

Featured Services



Botox cosmetic$10 for 1 unit
Treating the entire forehead typically requires 20 units.

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One syringe costs $550 The typical person requires one syringe More severe cases will require at least two syringes

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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

• Suppress Your Appetite
• Medical Evaluations
• Diet Coaching

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Wow! After only 3 months on Dr. Tomchik's supervised weight loss program, I lost 30 pounds! Not only did the weight come off, but I lost a total of 24 1/2 inches all around.


I started this program because I didn't like the way I looked in jeans and swim wear, but since I've been in the program I've lost 18 pounds, and look and feel great.


I have been struggling with my weight for many years now. Due to my weight, I now take medications for my blood pressure. I also crossed over to the diabetes world--nothing serious but if I didn't car more


I would highly recommend the program to everyone. The results were quick and easy. I had always exercised and been into fitness, but could never seem to lose the weight (I was good at firming my fat). more


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