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    (Image courtesy of Asif Akbar) Remember: the more weight you lose, the harder it will be to lose more weight. So don't get too discouraged if you hit a wall you can't seem to surpass. It happens to EVERYONE at some point. You can either begin to maintain your current weight, or you might need work even harder on your weight loss efforts if you have more weight you want to lose.

    (Image courtesy of Belovodchenko Anton) When starting a new diet it is always important to be realistic. Is your goal weight the same as a model's weight? You probably won't end up looking like a model, and it might be too frustrating to compare yourself to that. Instead, try comparing yourself to what you used to look like. Losing weight, in any amount, is a good thing. And besides, don't forget, most pictures of models are edited with Photoshop, so that's not how they really look either.

    (Image courtesy of Terri Heisele) A great idea for a healthy meal this fourth of July (and any time you want to barbecue) is shish kabobs. Just take your favorite meat and vegetables. Cut them up into cubes and impale them on wooden skewers. Put the skewers on the barbecue long enough to cook the meat, and you're done. Shish kabobs are a delicious dish that is low in calories.

    (Image courtesy of Bl4ck5corp) Potatoes have gotten a bad reputation as being high in calories. Unfortunately this just is simply not true. Potatoes are not high calories, all the stuff people put on them (bacon, sour cream, butter, shredded cheese, etc.) and how they cook them (like turning them into french fries or potato chips by deep frying them) is what makes potatoes "high in calories". So, if you enjoy eating potatoes with nothing on them or in recipes, then don't feel so guilty. Potatoes are actually quite low in calories.

    (Image courtesy of George Bosela) When you go out, stop driving around searching for that one parking spot up close to the building. Instead park near the back. You will save time and gas, and better yet you will burn more calories! If you can make walking across parking lots a regular part of your routine you'll be amazed how many steps you can add to your day (more steps = more calories burned = skinnier you!).

    (Image courtesy of Darren Deans) A great way to cut the calories this 4th of July is not use buns on those hamburgers and hot dogs. Bread is very high in calories. A hamburger or hot dog bun has as many calories as the actual hamburger or hot dog. Which one do you prefer: the bun or the burger? Which one fills you up more? Enough said.

    (Image courtesy of Vassilis Dourdounis) A lot people in south Florida love rice. We have to have it for every meal it seems. Unfortunately it is really, really unhealthy for you. It is packed with calories (higher than bread, which is pretty bad) and it will make your cholesterol levels go up. This is true of white rice, brown rice, and whole grain rice. They are all high in calories and bad for your cholesterol levels. If you can't do with out rice, then please eat it sparingly. Treat it like dessert. Eat it only when you get a strong craving or on special occasion.