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    We have added a new section to our site: a special page that just contains news and information relating to dieting and weight loss. You can find it by going to: You will continue to receive samples of the updates on Facebook (if you like our page), but the only way to get the complete information is to visit our site. The page will contain advice on dieting and losing weight, as well as news and information on weight loss from the medical community.

    (Image courtesy of Ranald101) All this information about Type 2 diabetes can be a bit overwhelming and depressing, but don't despair. If you have diabetes or you are at risk of diabetes you still control your fate. That is because diabetes can be prevented (if you don't have it yet) or brought completely under control (if you already have it) by losing weight. Diet and exercise are the only known "cures" for diabetes, and they are very effective if done properly. This might not seem like good news, but it is. It means you can do something and not just resign yourself to disability and maybe even death.

    (Image courtesy F3rd4) Weight loss is a journey. The sooner you start the farther you'll get. So what are you waiting for? If you want to start losing weight there is no better time to start than right now! After all, New Year's resolutions are still far away.

    (Image courtesy of Belovodchenko Anton) When starting a new diet it is always important to be realistic. Is your goal weight the same as a model's weight? You probably won't end up looking like a model, and it might be too frustrating to compare yourself to that. Instead, try comparing yourself to what you used to look like. Losing weight, in any amount, is a good thing. And besides, don't forget, most pictures of models are edited with Photoshop, so that's not how they really look either.