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    (Photographer: Brian Hoskins) A lot of people ask what appetite suppressant we use in our weight loss program. The answer is phentermine. Phentermine is the same thing, chemically, as Adipex (or Adipex P). Many people have tried Adipex in the past, but have not have success. This is often because the Adipex they have is weak or not well made. We buy only the best Adipex. Learn more about our weight loss program here. That being said, no medication works on everyone, and this is true of Adipex too. We will do everything we can include working without medications, or prescribing different medications and/or vitamins if Adipex does not work for you. Note: We are NOT an online pharmacy and we do NOT sell prescriptions ...Read More

    (Image ©moonberry on deviantART) Its been a couple of days since we posted, and we apologize. Things having been very hectic here. Robert S. Tomchik, M.D. married Amelia Triana on Saturday at the Church of the Little Flower. So not surprisingly, we have been very busy. The doctor will be on his honeymoon this week. He'll be around next week, but he will not be seeing patients unless it is an emergency. Our office will stay open and you will be able to see Gaielle Maher, P.A., our exceptionally talented physician assistant.

    (Photographer: Michal Zacharzewski) For those of you that don't know, the Nintendo Wii (pictured above, to the left of the TV), the Xbox Kinect, and the Playstation Move are video game systems that are played by moving and jumping around, not by using a controller. While using these devices you'll find yourself sweating and breathing heavily. (Remember: we said to burn calories you require more oxygen to fuel the fires in your muscles!) Our opinion: These devices are not a perfect replacement for "regular" exercise (jogging, biking, swimming, etc.), but they are pretty darn good! The Wii, Kinect, and Move can all be used by children and adults to burn those calories. We're serious about this. If you can fit in "regular" exercise to your routine then please ...Read More

    (Image ©yellow-stock on deviantART) Have you been cheating on your diet and/or exercise regiment? Don't worry it happens to all of us from time to time. The key is not to get discouraged and give up completely. Even the strongest, most dedicated people fall off the wagon for days, weeks, and even months at a time. What really matters is that you don't give up your diet or exercise regiment for good!

    (Image courtesy of dknucklesstock on deviantART) Whenever we think of barbecuing we always think of partying, holidays, and excess. But did you know that barbecuing is a really healthy way to cook? It tastes great and adds no calories to the food. Believe it or not the least healthy portion of a barbecue is the buns we put the barbecued food on. Buns are high in calories and not particularly healthy or filling. Ditch the buns and you have a really great tasting, healthy meal. (Are hamburger buns really that necessary when eating hamburgers?) When dieting you need to think "outside the box" Just remember to go easy on your pocket book. You can't have steak every night. But why not mix it up, chicken one ...Read More

    (Photographer: Jeresn Callewaer) There has been a lot of argument about which is healthier: butter, margarine, or oil. We have compiled a list of the healthiest of each one. We determined the level of healthiness by the types of fats that each has in it and how those fats affect people's level of cholesterol. We have listed them in order from the most healthy to the least healthy: 1) Canola oil 2) Sunflower oil 3) Corn oil 4) Olive oil 5) Palm oil 6) Butter 7) Coconut oil 8) Lard 9) Margarine You notice we listed margarine the last, and therefore the least healthy. That is because most margarine contains trans fat. We'll talk more about the types fats later, but to put it simply: trans fat raises your "bad" cholesterol while lowering your ...Read More

    (Photographer: Dariusz Rompa) Way too many people buy exercise equipment and then end up not using it. We want to plead with you to reconsider. If you are having trouble motivating yourself this something you might want to try: Park your exercise equipment in front of the television, and exercise while you watch your favorite shows and/or movies.  Remember, because you are at home you can do everything to make yourself comfortable and at ease without worrying about what other people think (they'll never know because they can't see you). Some suggestions for making yourself comfortable are: Dress in comfortable clothes (no one is going to see you at home) Set up fans and the air conditioning the way you like it Have a cold bottle of water at ...Read More

    (Image ©alenq on deviantART) When you begin exercising it is important to not over do it. This is easier said than done. It's really tempting to push yourself as hard as possible. Very often we feel like we need to "catch-up" for all the times before that we didn't exercise. You should always ease into new exercise regiments. Make sure to take things slow. The goal should be to exercise to point where the next day you feel mildly sore. If you're so sore you have difficulty moving then you overdid it, and if you are not sore at all you can probably increase the intensity next time you workout (just make sure not to increase it too much). And the results will come, slowly. But ...Read More