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When you begin exercising it is important to not over do it. This is easier said than done. It’s really tempting to push yourself as hard as possible. Very often we feel like we need to “catch-up” for all the times before that we didn’t exercise.

You should always ease into new exercise regiments. Make sure to take things slow.

The goal should be to exercise to point where the next day you feel mildly sore. If you’re so sore you have difficulty moving then you overdid it, and if you are not sore at all you can probably increase the intensity next time you workout (just make sure not to increase it too much).

And the results will come, slowly. But if you stick at it, and you keep making things more and more difficult (increasing the intensity so you always feel mildly sore afterwards) you will begin to see results. Stick at it long enough (a year or more) and you will see substantial results. We guarantee it!

This obviously won’t produce quick results, but it is really difficult to see quick results from exercise! The very nature of exercise makes it impossible to lose weight quickly. However, once you do lose the weight, you will keep it off, and you will feel healthier and stronger. Even a great diet can’t provide that last part.