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    Are your children participating in school activities, or playing sports this year? If so, they are going to need a physical. Call us at (954) 450-3550 today, and make an appointment for you child's school and sports physicals. School and sports physicals cost $80.

    The actor who played Tony Soprano in HBO's the Sopranos, James Gandolfini, recently died of cardiac arrest (a heart attack). He was a well known actor who was overweight. At this point it is impossible to say what exactly caused Mr. Gandolfini's heart attack, but we can say one thing for sure: Being overweight or obese significantly increases you chances of having a heart attack. The best prevention for a heart attack is to lose weight with exercise and a heart healthy diet (avoid foods that are high in cholesterol or high in carbohydrates). Also be on the lookout for the signs for a heart attack, such as: chest pain or discomfort, shortness of breath, pain or discomfort in the jaw, neck, or ...Read More

    Health Circle is a  good old-fashioned family doctor's office, owed and operated by Robert S. Tomchik, M.D., a resident of the city of Miramar. We love our aesthetic procedures, but at the end of the day we are a family medicine/general medicine doctor's office. It is why Dr. Tomchik got into medicine in the first place, and it is our true passion. We see all patients, ages 2-years-old and older, for any and all conditions that are not emergencies (no heart attacks please, chest pain yes, heart attacks no). We can help patients with acute or chronic conditions. We provide stitches, diabetes managements, treatment for depression, ADHD (ADD), and anxiety. We offer wellness visits, well-woman examinations, and provide physicals to anyone who needs one done. There is almost ...Read More

    In case you missed it on Robert S. Tomchik, M.D.'s page, Dr. Tomchik was the head of the Broward County Health Department. During that time skin rashes -- called seabather's eruption -- began to appear on swimmers in South Florida beaches. Doctor Tomchik swung into action and quickly determined that the eruption was caused by the stings of hundreds of tiny jellyfish called sea lice. Dr. Tomchik published an article in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) called "Clinical Perspectives on Seabather's Eruption, Also Known as 'Sea Lice'" on April 7, 1993.  You can read the article here. Officials in Florida are now able to warn residents and tourists of the risk when the sea lice appear. This is just one of the many accomplishments Robert S. Tomchik, ...Read More

    (Image ©Alaa Hamed) On our website we tend to emphasize our weight loss services and cosmetic procedures often at the expensive of our family practice information. So we just want to remind everyone that we are a family practice doctor's office as well. Robert S. Tomchik is board eligible in preventive medicine and has run numerous health departments. You can read more about Doctor Robert Tomchik here. We pride ourselves on being a family owned and operated business that has been serving the cities of Miramar, FL, Pembroke Pines, FL, Hialeah FL, and the rest of South Florida since 1999. You can come in and see us for any medical issue that is not an emergency (you should go to the emergency room for ...Read More

    We recommend that those of you who are reluctant to take medication, read the controversial new book No Easy Day: The Autobiography of a Navy Seal, by Mark Owen and Kevin Maurer. If you haven't heard about No Easy Day, it is a firsthand account of the assassination of Osama bin Laden (or UBL if you prefer). Now, we don't recommend the book because of the fascinating plot,  or because of the firestorm brewing around the book. The reason we recommend you read it is because the prescription sleep medication, Ambien, is mentioned at least six times in the book. The author talks about how most (if not all) of the Navy SEALS use Ambien to ensure that they get a proper night's sleep. In fact, the ...Read More

    (Image ©Yogesh Arora) Gas generators produce carbon monoxide when they are turned on. This is the same [potentially poisonous] gas that cars emit from their tailpipes. Running your generator inside your house is the equivalent of parking your car in your garage and leaving it running while you're still inside the car! DO NOT RUN YOUR GENERATORS INSIDE!!! Never, ever... Either wait until the hurricane passes to run it, or find a safe place outside to run it. Carbon monoxide poisoning happens too often, don't let it happen to you.

    We have the influenza vaccine ready for anyone who wants it, regardless of whether they're a patient of ours, or not. No appointment is required; just walk in. Remember that we have evening and weekend hours available. Check out our hours of operation. We will be charging $29 for the flu shot, if you do not have insurance. If you have insurance we will bill them. That is less expensive than the flu vaccine at CVS, Walgreen's, Publix, and Target, despite the fact that we have the same vaccine they do! The flu vaccine is recommended for children, people above the age of 65, anyone with any immune deficiencies, anyone taking an immune suppressant, and anyone who comes into regular contact with any of ...Read More