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    New gyms always seem so intimidating. There are lots of people and machines you don't recognize. It's enough to make you wonder: why bother? Remember: everyone is new to a gym at one point. Even those muscular guys who seem to live at the gym had to start the hard way: as a gym newbie just like you! In fact, most experienced gym members don't mind showing the new members how the equipment works. Even those scary, muscular gym buffs who seem to live at the gym can be very helpful to new gym members. You just have to ask them. So stop using the scariness of the gym to avoid exercising, and get in there! You'll be a pro before you know ...Read More

    For those of you that don't know, Allergan -- the maker of Botox Cosmetic, Latisse, and Juvéderm Ultra -- has a rewards program called Brilliant Distinctions. Signing up is quick, easy, and free. It can be done at Brilliant Distinctions' website. Each and every time you come to our office to have an injection of Botox or Juvéderm, or to get a box of Latisse you accrue rewards points. The number of points is determined by Allergan, and it based upon how much of each product you get (you can learn more at Brilliant Distinctions' website). Not every doctor participates in the Brilliant Distinctions, but we do!

    In case you missed it on Robert S. Tomchik, M.D.'s page, Dr. Tomchik was the head of the Broward County Health Department. During that time skin rashes -- called seabather's eruption -- began to appear on swimmers in South Florida beaches. Doctor Tomchik swung into action and quickly determined that the eruption was caused by the stings of hundreds of tiny jellyfish called sea lice. Dr. Tomchik published an article in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) called "Clinical Perspectives on Seabather's Eruption, Also Known as 'Sea Lice'" on April 7, 1993.  You can read the article here. Officials in Florida are now able to warn residents and tourists of the risk when the sea lice appear. This is just one of the many accomplishments Robert S. Tomchik, ...Read More

    The over-the-counter weight loss medication business is huge, selling millions of dollars worth of supplements every year, but do the weight loss supplements they sell actually work? The short and simple answer is: no, they do not work. Hydroxycut, Relacore, Stacker 2, Alli, and the countless other "weight loss medications" you can find at the supermarket do not work. They will not help you lose weight. Alli (known as Xenical when it was available by prescription) has such horrendous side effects that we cannot recommend anyone take it, ever. The only reason people lose weight on it is because they are too afraid to eat anything. Unfortunately, the only medications that help people lose weight are available by prescription.

    This week McDonald's started posting the number of calories of each of their dishes on their drive-thru menus. We applaud their decision, and we wish more restaurants would follow suit. In this spirit we decided to look a little closer at McDonald's food items to see how many calories they all have. Now to be fair all restaurant food is high in calories, so instead of just telling you the number calories (you can look it up here if you are curious) we are going to tell you what items are healthier and what items are less healthy. Eating out is always less healthy, but at least you can make healthier choices when you are there. Not surprisingly, the lowest calorie items ...Read More

    We have added a new section to our site: a special page that just contains news and information relating to dieting and weight loss. You can find it by going to: You will continue to receive samples of the updates on Facebook (if you like our page), but the only way to get the complete information is to visit our site. The page will contain advice on dieting and losing weight, as well as news and information on weight loss from the medical community.

    (Image ©Alaa Hamed) On our website we tend to emphasize our weight loss services and cosmetic procedures often at the expensive of our family practice information. So we just want to remind everyone that we are a family practice doctor's office as well. Robert S. Tomchik is board eligible in preventive medicine and has run numerous health departments. You can read more about Doctor Robert Tomchik here. We pride ourselves on being a family owned and operated business that has been serving the cities of Miramar, FL, Pembroke Pines, FL, Hialeah FL, and the rest of South Florida since 1999. You can come in and see us for any medical issue that is not an emergency (you should go to the emergency room for ...Read More

    (Number of calories burned listed above on a treadmill; it is the third number) Everyone who has used a piece of electronic exercise equipment has seen them: the calorie counters that display how many calories you have burned by working out. The number of calories burned always seems depressingly low. You've worked extremely hard, your muscles are burning, and sweating is dripping down your face, but it looks like you have barely burned any calories at all. Don't worry, you've burned more calories than you think you have. That's because exercise equipment only counts the calories you burn by doing that exercise; they don't count the calories you burn normally (or when you're "resting" as we say in the medical community). Think about it, a ...Read More