Our Commitment to You, the Patient

1. Same day and next day appointments.

One of the great advantages to choosing Doctor Tomchik as your doctor is the ability to see him on the same day or at the LATEST the next day. This policy applies to all patients we see, new patients and existing patients. Many doctors’ offices have a waiting time of a several weeks or more to see the doctor, this is never true at Health Circle.


2. Open nights.

In order to cater to our patients who work during the day and cannot take time off of work, or are otherwise preoccupied we are open evenings, on Mondays and Thursdays.


3. Meeting Doctor Tomchik before you decide to select him as your doctor.

We at Health Circle are committed to ensuring our patients know Doctor Tomchik before they choose to see us as patients. Simply call (954) 450-3550, and ask to meet the Doctor. This is not considered an appointment, and therefore you will NOT be charged any fees, co-pays, deductibles, etc.


4. Thorough office visits.

While it is impossible to predict how long your appointment will last we refuse to sacrifice the quality of your visit for the sake of expediency. Our staff, including Doctor Tomchik, will spend the time with you that is needed to provide a thorough examination and answer/clarify all the questions you might have.


5. Never too much, never too little.

Many physicians, particularly now that the economy is weak, perform lots of unnecessary tests and/or procedures on their patients. This means higher charges for you the patient if you have a deductible, co-insurance, or if you have no insurance. Conversely, many physicians do not do enough to assist their patients because they want to see as many patients as possible, likewise increasing their profit. At Health Circle we guarantee that you will never receive unnecessary tests and procedures, but that you will receive all the appropriate care that you require and/or request.


6. Services above and beyond a traditional family medical practice.

In addition to providing check ups and treating your standard illnesses we at Health Circle offer many additional procedures, including a weight loss program, criminal justice physicals, physician administered Vitamin B-12 Injections, removals of moles, wart, and beauty marks, INS (immigration and naturalization) physicians, school immunizations, school physicals, and more. For more detailed information take a look at our list of services.


7. Assisting self-pay patients (patients without insurance).

Unfortunately, due to the powerful insurance company lobbyists it is illegal for us to charge self-pay patients a reduced fee (a fee less than we would charge insurance companies). However, if a self-pay patient is unable to pay their bill we are more than willing to work out a payment plan in which the patient can make payments over a set period of time, without any interest (this is a payment plan not a loan).


8. Providing you with a doctor who is also a neighbor of yours.

The majority of our patients come from Sunset Lakes and Silver Lakes, in Miramar. Doctor Tomchik currently resides in Monaco, Sunset Lakes, Miramar, and therefore is literally the neighborhood doctor.